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“Interesting but not Relevant”: Relevant Academic Teaching

About the Workshop

Paradoxically, despite the increasing relevance of academic skill to many desirable occupations, many students complain about irrelevant courses.
High level of academic skills is becoming more and more relevant to many occupations. Many employees will be required to read and analyze data, to conduct information searches, to work with partners from all over the world, to solve problems that do not have yet a solution,  and, most importantly, to learn continuously, all their lives. Yet, many students think that their academic degree, or a large part of it, is irrelevant to their future. In this workshop we will understand a little better, why and what can be done about it.

Integration of Technologies and Digital Tools to Empower Teaching and Learning

About the Workshop

In recent years there has been a constant increase in the number of students coming to lectures with cell phones, lap top computers, and tablets. These tools have changed the way and style of teaching but surprisingly, in most cases, have not had a significant effect on the frontal teaching methods used for years. Many teachers have chosen not to harness the new “guests” or integrate them in any way into frontal teaching.

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