margalit Drori

Ms. Margalit Drori

I received my academic degrees from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem: a BA in sociology and an MA in criminology. In my previous roles at the university, I served as Deputy Director of the Students’ Authority and Secretary for Teaching and Students’ Affairs at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Since 2013, I have been the Administrative Director of the Teaching and Learning Center.

Dr. Michal Schodl

Guidance, and consulting

I received a BA in Statistics from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and completed my MA and PhD in Business Administration. My research focuses on motivation. In parallel to my role at the Teaching and Learning Center, I teach at the Hebrew University's Faculty of Agriculture. My areas of teaching are behavioral sciences and statistics. Before joining the Teaching and Learning Center, I worked in the department for assessment and training at The Open University.

 I believe that academic teaching is a skill that can be acquired. I am interested in the emotional and motivational aspects of academic education and believe that the lecturers of the future will need, in addition to expertise in their fields and familiarity withteaching with technologies, also to understand, regulate, and manage emotional and motivational processes.



Roy Shenhar

Prof. Roy Shenhar

Academic Head of Computerized Teaching Technologies

Prof. Shenhar serves as head of the steering committee for computerized teaching at the university, which is responsible for coordinating all aspects of teaching via computerized means. The aim of the committee is to help plan and purchase teaching technologies. Its implementation efforts are designed to reach all lecturers in order to advance the use of cutting-edge pedagogical methods.


Michal Ramot

Dr. Michal Ramot

Head of the Online Teaching Unit

I joined the Teaching and Learning Unit in 2013, after several years of research in the life sciences: in the National Virus Laboratory, in the Cancer Research Laboratory and finally in the Marine Ecology Laboratory at Bar-Ilan University. In addition to bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees in biology and postdoctoral research, I earned a certificate in instruction and guidance in teacher training from the Mofet Institute.



Yosef Felach

Mr. Yossi Felach

Production Manager

I have rich and varied experience in producing courses and films, events and live broadcasts.
In addition, I am a producer at the Channel 12 news company


Mr. Nimrod Shatil

Learning Designer, Online Teaching

Online learning designer - I joined the unit in 2021. I have a great deal of experience in the field of learning design. As part of my role I assist in the development of online courses in various models such as: full online courses, hybrid courses (which include online lessons and frontal sessions) MOOC courses and more.


Ms. Lilach Levi

Photographer and Editor

Chief Video Editor, Video Photographer - I joined the Teaching and Learning Unit in 2020 after several years of conducting online courses in a variety of fields at colleges and universities. Graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Arts, Department of Screen-based Arts (2017). Experience in directing, photography and editing in the fields of experimental documentary, video art and short films.