about Satisfaction surveys



The Teaching and Learning Center conducts anonymous surveys among students for all university courses, enabling every student to express his/her level of satisfaction with his/her courses.

The data from the surveys are summarized in reports which contain statistical analysis regarding satisfaction with courses and lecturers, with space for written comments.

Student participation is important and provides feedback that plays an essential role in ensuring the positive development of teaching and learning at The Hebrew University. The more specific a student is about his/her assessments and opinions, the greater the value of the feedback.

During the period of the survey, every student can access the survey system via his/her personal information website.

At the end of each semester, a lottery is conducted among the students who completed the surveys. The chances of winning increase according to the percentage of surveys filled out within the total number of surveys a student is asked to complete.

Response rates:

During the survey, response rates for every course and every teacher are updated immediately. Thus, a lecturer can constantly track response rates for his/her courses and encourage students to complete the surveys.


The results of the surveys are available to lecturers and university authorities (rector, dean, heads of the department/unit) following the publication of course grades (after the first exam session), and at any rate after the end of the semester (when the statistical analysis is conducted).

Following the publication of the results for all teaching staff, the quantitative results alone are published in the university’s annual course catalogue and are available to students and university workers, provided that the response rate for a course was at least 40%

Hand-written questionnaires (mid-course):

Officially, the university does not use hand-written questionnaires. These are restricted to the internal use of academic units or individual lecturers, and, therefore, such questionnaires are not part of the general online university surveys. For those interested in distributing a questionnaire during the course, which includes only open questions, we suggest using this template.