Individual Consultations

Individual Consultations

The Center offers individual consultations to all senior academic staff members on topics concerning their teaching and instruction in the unit which they head.

The consultations are appropriate at every stage of academic teaching. Within this framework, it is possible to arrange a personal meeting with one of the Center’s teaching and learning advisors. The meeting is suited to the lecturer’s specific needs. It enables an open discussion, with advisor and lecturer working together on specific teaching topics.

The staff member is guaranteed complete confidentiality!

Lecturers can register for a personal consultation via the website, similarly to registration for the Center’s other workshops. The length of a consultation session is 55 minutes.

Confidentiality is guaranteed.

We invite you to receive personal advice on teaching. The personal counseling is suitable for any faculty member, at any stage, who wishes to consult with us on matters of improvement of teaching, personally or by the academic unit he / she chairs. As part of the personal counseling you can meet with one of the staff members in the unit.These personal meetings are adapted to the needs of the lecturer and enable open discussion and collaborative work on specific topics in teaching. The applicant's staff member is guaranteed full confidentiality. The personal counseling for lecturers is offered in a number of ways.

individual Consultations