Authority in class

Array Semester, Sunday 11:45

About the Workshop

Authority is not the most important thing for lecturers. However, when something goes wrong in this regard, we understand how important it is in managing an effective learning experience. In this workshop we will present the stance that there is an effective way to deal with authority issues, one which can be taught and practiced.

As a central exercise in the workshop the mediator will present to participants a (real) event that involved a challenge to a lecturer’s authority. The participants will plan and suggest various responses and we will analyze them together in the workshop, on the basis of the model presented. Finally, participants will be shown the response that was implemented in reality and its results.

Learning Outcomes

Participants in the workshop will be able to:

  • Identify the threatening element in situations of a challenge to authority.
  • Identify the needs of the students which motivate certain kinds of behavior.
  • Distinguish between effective and ineffective responses in situations of a challenge to authority.
  • Phrase effective responses to various challenges to authority.

Additional Information:

Workshop duration: 9:00-14:00

Maximum number of participants: 15


Workshop Facilitator:Dr. Michal Schodl
Authority in class