Experience in Micro-Teaching

Array Semester, Sunday 11:45

About the Workshop

A highly effetive workshop which provides coaching in teaching skills. Each one of the lecturers participating in the workshop prepares in advance a teaching segment of 7 minutes and presents it during the workshop. At the end of the presentation he/she receives feedback from the group and the facilitator, followed by a discussion about the teaching methods witnessed.

In this experiential workshop participants learn from three sources:

  1. The feedback they receive.
  2. The feedback they give to colleagues, which coaches them in identifying teaching activities in real time and how they affect students.
  3. Exposure to a range of teaching styles. This rich learning adds tools to the teaching repertoire – it is highly recommended!

Learning Outcomes:

Following the workshop the participants will be able to:

  • Identify (when watching someone else teach) various skills by name (for example, emotion regulation, reformulation, visuality, legitimization) – we will hone the identification of specific skills depending on the range of skills presented by the participants.
  • Highlight the link between the use of a certain skill and its possible effects on students
    (such as clarity, interest, skepticism, enthusiasm, and more).

Additional Information:

Maximum no of participants: 10



Workshop Facilitators:Dr. Michal Schodl/Dr. Michal Ramot

Micro Teaching