Discussion Management

Array Semester, Sunday 11:30

About the Workshop

Discussion management is a skill based on presenting questions or tasks and gathering and methodically processing the responses received.

The skill of managing a discussion is of the utmost importance because it offers the student an opportunity for an active experience. If the discussion is successful, the student will enjoy it and at the same time learn better (in comparison to frontal methods). Despite this, lecturers at times avoid discussions because of the need to advance with material and avoid wasting time or mainly due to the need to control the classroom. A successful discussion appears “natural” but must be planed and conducted skillfully by the person managing it.
In advance of the workshop participants will be asked to prepare a short discussion (around 10 minutes) and to conduct it during the workshop.

During this workshop we will develop and improve this skill.

Learning Outcomes:

Among other things, following this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Plan a time-limited discussion in your field for a new audience of participants.
  • Identify “good” questions for discussion, which activate the participants, and distinguish between them and questions that are less fruitful.
  • Stop participants when there is a need to do so.
  • Understand when it is necessary to open a discussion and when steps are required to end/ structure it.

Additional Information:

Duration of the workshop: 9:00-15:30

Maximum number of participants: 10



Workshop Facilitator:Dr. Michal Schodl

Discussion Management