Basic Workshops For Senior Staff

Array Semester, Sunday 11:30

Abut the Workshop

A two-day workshop offering training in academic teaching. The aim of the workshop is to improve the relevant skills needed for effective course construction and for teaching in the 21th century. 

* The workshop is based on group work and requires participation throughout both days of the workshop.

Learning Outcomes:

Following the first day of the workshop:

  • You will learn how to construct an academic course based on learning outcomes.
  • Each participant’s personal approach to various teaching challenges will become clear.
  • You will implement a model to plan a teaching segment of 7 minutes.

Additional Information:

Between the meetings you will prepare a teaching segment of 7 minutes from your course to be presented at the second meeting.

The second meeting will be conducted in small groups (up to ten lecturers) – each participant will present the teaching segment and receive feedback from the group and workshop moderator. In accordance with the variety of teaching segments presented, we will highlight different teaching skills and how they influence students.

Following the second day:

  • You will be able to name various teaching skills and sharpen your ability to identify different skills.
  • You will be able to pinpoint the link between different teaching steps and various learning outcomes.

First meeting: 9.30-14.30
Second meeting: 9.00-15.30



Workshop Facilitators:Dr. Michal Schodl/Dr. Michal Ramot

Senior Staff