From Frontal to Online Teaching – Constructing Computerized Teaching Units

Array Semester, Sunday 11:30

About the Workshop

In the framework of modern trends in the academic world, online courses are becoming ever more important and there has been a significant increase in the use of distance teaching and learning. The change from frontal to online teaching demands various changes and adaptations from both pedagogical and technological perspectives. These require re-planning and re-organization of the course.

In this workshop we will get to know the structure and rules that are desirable when building such a course and the list of elements that will help it fulfill its aims effectively and attractively. We will discuss the various characteristics of online courses and you will get to know additional examples of online teaching. In addition, you will practice creating activities and contents in Moodle and outside it, presenting learning materials in a synchronous and asynchronous manner, as well as tools for follow-up, supervision, assessment, and measuring.

Among the topics this workshop deals with:

Filming and producing short films, as well as tools to make the films interactive.

Creating assignments, including the use of quizzes.

Creating synchronous meetings.

Guidelines for the correct implementation of peer instruction.

Alternative assessments suitable for an online course.

The model of the flipped classroom.

A partial list of the tools we will practice using in the workshop:

Moodle: forum, glossary, workshop and more.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the workshop you will know how to plan all elements of an online teaching unit, integrate interactive questions into films and presentations, embed presentations and films in Moodle, activate “completion tracking” and make the access to certain actions dependent on previous activity, design the course website in "Picture formation", and create online tests that provide the test-taker with clues or automatic responses

Additional Information:

The workshop is five hours long



Workshop Facilitators:Dr. Michal Ramot & Mr. Yohai Ofran 

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