Starting off on the Right Foot – Correct Management of a First Meeting and the Psychological Contract

Array Semester, Sunday 11:30

About the Workshop

Try to remember yourself as a student going to a new course for the first time at the beginning of the semester. How long did it take you to decide whether the lecturer was any good? Whether it would be interesting? If you are like most people, you formed an opinion very quickly. Although sometimes opinions change over time, in most cases the opening minutes provide rich information, factual and emotional, about what to expect and affect your attitude and commitment to the course.

This creation of positive expectations and recruiting students to make an effort, within only minutes, is an example of the successful management of the psychological contract. Even if you know that you do it well most years, you might want to increase the number of students who are enthusiastic about the course or put your finger on what exactly is working here. This workshop is intended to improve skills for effectively managing the psychological contract. It is offered in the week before the opening of the academic year (and/or second semester).

Learning Outcomes:

As participants in the workshop you will be able to:

  • List five characteristic questions that many students ask about the course and lecturer when consolidating an opinion about them.
  • Given the opening of a course you will be able to identify the direct and hidden messages in the psychological contract.
  • Suggest alternatives for opening words that will make even more students enthusiastic about learning.

Additional Information:

Maximum no. of participants: 15



Workshop Facilitator:Dr. Michal Schodl

Right Foot