Not Just PowerPoint – Getting to Know the Secret Capabilities of the Most Popular Program for Presentations and other Tools for Giving Presentations

Array Semester, Sunday 11:30

About the Workshop

For many lecturers, presentations play a prime role in their teaching and in presenting their ideas to an audience. Most lecturers use PowerPoint, although few are familiar with the range of possibilities it offers.
This workshop will present the less well known add-ons of this program which can help to transform the frontal lecture into active learning, make it thought-provoking, and increase student participation, and we will get to know ways to make the presentation into interactive courseware that speaks for itself.

Likewise, much of the workshop will be devoted to getting to know alternative platforms that offer different ways, visually and chronologically, to present ideas and practice using them.

This workshop is intended for lecturers with experience in creating presentations. It is advisable to bring a personal PPT which you will be able to work on.

Among the tools that will be presented at the workshop are Prezi, Emaze, Roojoom, Sway, Google presentation (Qַַַ&A), Adobe Spark, Flipsnack, Zeetings and add-ons for PowerPoint such as: office-Mix, Participoll, polleverywhere.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the workshop you will know how to choose the most suitable tool for the needs of your presentation and be able to build an attractive presentation using the chosen tool. You will know how to gather answers to a question from the audience during the lecture and display them in the presentation, and how to enable listeners to send you questions during the lecture without disturbing its course.

Additional Information:

The workshop is 5 hours long



Workshop Facilitators:Dr. Michal Ramot & Mr. Yohai Ofran 

Not just Power point