Writing Tests Using Moodle

Array Semester, Sunday 11:15

About the Workshop

Imagine a world in which it is possible to integrate colorful pictures and films into every test question; imagine a world in which it isn’t necessary to make an effort to decode a student’s illegible handwriting; imagine a world in which it isn’t necessary to drag the exam notebooks home or even scan them; imagine a world in which the calculation of grades is done automatically; imagine a world in which you can get statistics about every question in a test – how many got it right and how many made a mistake. If you can imagine this world, it seems that you were thinking about computerized tests using Moodle.

Although the rumor about the many benefits of these tests has already spread far, many teachers are still afraid of implementing this possibility for various reasons. This workshop, as its name shows, enables participants to understand the range of possibilities offered by the quiz module in Moodle.

Most of the workshop will be devoted to presenting and learning about the types of questions offered by this tool and the ways in which they can be used correctly and effectively. We will get to know questions that use completion, dragging, and matching, and we will learn how we can use embedded answers (cloze questions type) in order to create more complex and advanced questions. We will talk about mixing questions and mixing distractions, how to include optional or bonus questions, and how to create different test sheets in which every student is presented with different questions. We will learn how to import questions from a word file and relate also to additional uses of this tool which do not check knowledge in order to give a grade, such as creating courseware for independent learning and generating practice tests that offer guidance, clues, and immediate feedback.

We will hear abut the possibility of using a secure internet explorer that prevents students taking the test from accessing the internet or other files on the computer during the test. In addition, we will briefly mention the role of the test in the array of assessment and measuring tools and a number of principles and emphases for writing and grading tests.

At the end of the workshop you will be able to create a test on your course website and add to it questions of all kinds. You will know how to designate automatic checking of questions that can be checked in this way, as well as building a test that will serve as courseware with immediate feedback for every answer. You be able to manage the marking system: how to cancel out questions with a low level of assessment and how to add in a grading factor. And you will know how to use this tool in “assessment for learning” and not only as a “final assessment”.



Workshop Facilitator:Mr. Yohai Ofran 

Writing tests using moodle