Personal Consultation (As Part of a Centralized Consultation Day)

Array Semester, Sunday 11:00

About the Workshop
Members of staff who are interested in receiving personal consultation regarding one or more of their courses can sign up for the one of consultation days that we offer a few times every year. A number of reasons that you might want a consultation are:

Planning the implementation of a change/changes in courses; a specific difficulty or dilemma you have encountered regarding teaching; a decline in the responses to teaching satisfaction surveys; or the desire to improve your understanding of comments made by the students in the surveys; and more.

After signing up for a consultation day you will be sent a link to arrange a specific consultation time. If you don’t find a free spot, you can register for the waiting list. Before the consultation will be asked to send the consultant a short description (about half a page) regarding the matter you would like to work on. You can also include additional relevant materials such as syllabus, teaching satisfaction surveys, specific assignments, etc. The length of the session is 55 minutes. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

The consultation is intended for senior academic staff.



Workshop Facilitators:Dr. Michal Ramot/Dr. Michal Schodl

Personal Consultation