Teaching Large Classes

Array Semester, Sunday 11:00

About the Workshop

Teaching a large class is a challenging task from a number of perspectives. Big classes provide fewer opportunities for a personal connection between lecturer and student, fewer possibilities to activate the students, and the anonymity makes it easier for students to become distracted or become involved in other occupations. Therefore, the various methods for teaching big classes are intended to achieve three central aims: to generate interaction, to maintain concentration, and to regulate student emotions despite the size of the class. In this workshop we experience the effect of these methods on the learner in a large class.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will be introduced to a number of ways to generate interaction in large classes, among students themselves and between students and lecturer.
  • They will learn how to structure presentations suited to keep students concentrated in large classes (such presentations can also serve them also in medium and small classes but will be designed especially to help the students maintain concentration in large classes).
  • They will receive a number of ideas regarding how to regulate students’ emotions in large classes.



Workshop Facilitator:Dr. Michal Schodle

Large Classes