Constructing an Academic Course

Array Semester, Sunday 11:00

About the Workshop

In this workshop we will discuss structural decisions regarding course design. Examples of structural decisions include: the number of assignments given in the course, their extent, their frequency, will they be individual or group based? How to keep up a good pace of work considering the constraints of grading assignments, and more.

We present the view that using learning outcomes as the basic building block of an academic course helps in achieving a good course structure. Learning outcomes are the things that students will know to do as a result of the learning process they experienced in the course. Learning outcomes are the core of well-structured course and the goal of the structure. Learning outcomes are not just empty statements. They are accompanied with a training program that includes course assignments. 
In this workshop we will practice course building skills by working on the participants’ courses. The workshop will provide a number of examples of what we believe are well-structured courses.

Learning Outcomes

  • You will phrase learning products and/or examine learning outcomes that you phrased in the past and take a fresh look at the link between the learning outcomes and the assignments you designated.
  • You will get to know a series of parameters for assessing the quality of the course structure (such as “maintaining learning pace,” “balancing content and skill,” and more).
  • You will be able to look at the syllabus of any course and assess the quality of the course in terms of the parameters that were taught in the workshop and even recommend improvements.

Additional Information:

Maximum no. of participants: 15



Workshop Facilitator:Dr. Michal Ramot/Dr. Michal Schodle 

Constructing an Academic Course