Building a Course Website using Moodle: Beginners and Advanced

Array Semester, Sunday 11:00

About the Workshop


This workshop is intended for lecturers taking their first steps in Moodle. We will learn how to use the editing tools and perform actions such as: uploading files, importing content from other course websites, appointing teaching assistants, and creating assignments and tasks, writing tests, sending messages.


This workshop is intended for lecturers who have a basic knowledge of Moodle but are interested in improving their use of the various interactive functions and managing options that Moodle offers. In this workshop we will learn how to activate the complex teaching activities available in Moodle (“how?” ) with pedagogical emphasis (“when?” and “why?”)

Topics and tools that will be presented in the workshop:

  • Assignments: advanced possibilities for submitting assignments and grading them (group submission, grading PDFs, and more)
  • Tests: the various uses of the quiz activity module (not only final exam), acquaintance with complex questions (not only multiple choice), how to create differences between students’ test sheets, and how to conduct a secure test.
  • Video and presentations: how to embed videos and presentations in the course website, how to make the film interactive, acquaintance with H5P and EDPuzzle.
  • Grades: managing grades on the course website
  • Peer assessment: Why? When and how?
  • Designing the course website: How to choose the most suitable form of presentation for the course. How to use the “completion tracking” function.
  • Advanced use of “forum” and “glossary” functions to create interaction between learners.
  • Use of library services: electronic reserves and film libraries.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the workshop participants will know how to build a course website using Moodle and will be acquainted with the wide range of resources and activities the platform offers, which enable us to make learning active, vital, effective, and vibrant.

Additional Information:

The workshop is hands-on. It is advisable to come after planning all stages and times of the course structure, and to bring files and other materials that you want to include on the course website.

The workshop is around 4.5 hours long.



Workshop Facilitator:Mr. Yohai Ofran 

Building a Course Website using Moodle: Beginners and Advanced